The CSI Academy of Florida is an educational and training facility for individuals and law enforcement officers interested in crime scene investigation. Our Alachua, Florida, campus includes a 28,000 square-foot building and seven acres dedicated to the practical application of forensic science.

We offer courses for those interested in sharpening their crime-solving skills in subjects such as crime scene photography, recovery of human remains, blood evidence analysis, and more.

Professional Investigators from other industries such as insurance, medical fraud, forensic nursing or private investigation will also benefit from training at the CSI Academy of Florida.

Our state-of-the-art facility is also available to host trainings, special lectures, and other events.

We are located just north of Gainesville, and about two hours from Jacksonville, Orlando, and Tampa.

CSI Academy of Florida's Alachua campus.
Our founder: Danny Pascucci.

The CSI Academy of Florida is dedicated to our founder–and one of North Florida’s most influential and well known-investigators–Danny Pascucci. We strive to model his career and legacy.

Danny died of cancer in May 2012.

He helped crack several high-profile cases, including the arrest and conviction of serial killer Danny Rolling, who brutally attacked and murdered five people in Gainesville in 1990 in a case widely known as the “Gainesville Student Murders.” He was extremely well-regarded within the law enforcement community and had a knack for solving crimes and getting key information from defendants.

As head of forensics for the Alachua County Sheriff’s Office, Danny pioneered the use of technology for crime scene investigation. He continued to hone his skills as a private investigator after he retired from the sheriff’s office in 1997.

He was also hired by the U.S. Justice Department for important missions in Iraq and the former Yugoslavia. He gathered evidence to help prosecute Slobodan Milošević at The Hague for crimes against humanity in Kosovo.

Danny dedicated his life to solving crime. He is the standard against which Crime Scene Investigators are measured and the one for which all CSIs should strive. He is missed dearly in the community and here at the CSI Academy of Florida; we honor his memory by endeavoring to be the best we can be each and every day.