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CSI Academy Internship Program

A unique, hands-on opportunity for studentsInternships

The CSI Academy Internship Program offers a unique, hands-on opportunity for current students to work alongside professionals in the field and gain valuable experience in the forensic sciences.

Interns are given opportunities to sit in on classes being taught at the Academy, work closely with law enforcement officials, and become familiar with the essential tools involved in crime scene investigation.

Our internship program fosters an environment where students learn from professionals, enhance their professional development and basic clerical skills, and ultimately gain the competitive edge needed to succeed in their future careers.

Internship ProgramApplications

New intern applications are accepted at the beginning of each academic semester.  Please complete the Internship Form and send a copy of your CV or resume to apply.

For more information about our Internship Program
Contact us at (386)518.6300.

If students have previously taken any classes at the CSI Academy, they are more likely to be selected for this internship.