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Dr. Lerah Sutton

Dr. Lerah Sutton is the Dean and Director of Forensic Education at the CSI Academy of Florida and a Senior Lecturer in the University of Florida’s College of Medicine.   In her position at the CSI Academy she designs, oversees, and instructs specialized training courses for law enforcement.  In her position at the University of Florida she teaches academic courses for students in the Forensic Medicine Master’s Degree Program – a program for which she was instrumental in the design and development.  She has also been employed by the Maples Center for Forensic Medicine throughout her education and employment at UF.  She holds five degrees from the University of Florida: a PhD in Forensic Anthropology, a Master’s Degree in Forensic Science, Graduate Certificates in Forensic Death Investigation and Veterinary Forensic Science, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Anthropology which she earned with highest honors.  Prior to her academic career she was employed at the Florida District 7 and 24 Office of the Medical Examiner.  Dr. Sutton’s research interests and areas of specialization include human decomposition, estimation of the postmortem interval, forensic taphonomy, clandestine grave detection, forensic entomology, and comparative osteology.  At the request of law enforcement agencies, medical examiner and coroner’s offices, and academic institutions nationwide, she frequently responds to death investigation scenes, consults on both active and cold cases, and instructs hands-on workshops and specialized forensic education seminars.