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Jimmy Watson

Jimmy Watson is a Detective Sergeant with the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office and oversees the operation of the agency’s Crime Scene Unit. Det. Sergeant Watson is an IAI certified Crime Scene Investigator and has worked as a Crime Scene Investigator for CCSO for six years. Prior to this assignment he worked as a Detective, Deputy, and Police Officer. He is an adjunct instructor for the Florida Gateway College Law Enforcement Academy and has trained children, adults, and law enforcement in various aspects of Criminal Investigations. In addition to his duties as Crime Scene Sergeant he also works as an agency instructor, Crisis Negotiator, Internet Crimes against Children Investigator, and Cold Case Investigator.  As a Crime Scene Investigator Sergeant Watson has been trained in a wide array of skills and disciplines that fall within the realm of Forensic Science, including latent print recovery, Blood stain Analysis, Tool Marks, Footwear and tire impressions, Traffic Homicide Investigations, Death Investigations, Human Remains Recovery, Shooting Reconstruction, Forensic Photography, and ten-print fingerprint comparisons. Sergeant Watson has testified in court in multiple cases on the identification, recovery, documentation, analysis, and collection of evidence in criminal cases.