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Tom & Phyllis Sperring

Our two managing partners are Mr. Tom R. Sperring, Sr. and his wife Phyllis. The Sperrings are true business people. In 1972 Mr. Sperring founded C&S Building Maintenance Corporation. He was working as a nursery inspector for the State of Florida when he founded the small corporation to supplement his family’s income. Thirty four years later this small family corporation had grown into a very successful business that employed over 500 people. This was done under the leadership of Mr. Sperring, the chairman of the board and CEO and his wife Phyllis, who served as president and chief financial officer.

Some of C&S’s major clients:

  • The operation of 72 movable bridges (draw bridges) for the Florida Department of Transportation.
  • Furnishing janitorial services for all the municipal buildings in Duval County/City of Jacksonville,
  • Operating 29 rest areas for the State of Florida.
  • Managed the locks and dams in the State of Florida for the North and South Florida Water Management Districts.

The Sperrings sold their business but continued their entrepreneurial endeavors. They understand the complexity of business, for this reason the Sperrings chose to become managing partners for the CSI Academy of Florida.