CSI Academy of Florida

The CSI Academy of Florida is an educational and training facility for individuals and law enforcement officers interested in crime scene investigation.  Our Alachua, Florida, campus includes a 28,000-square-foot building and seven acres dedicated to the practical application of forensic science.

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We offer a comprehensive training program that will prepare you for any crime scene challenge that lies ahead.

2014/2015 Course Listings Approved for IAI Certification

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Our instructors are some of the most respected people in Forensics & many are nationally recognized speakers. Here’s where they’ll be appearing next!
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About Our School

We offer courses for those interested in sharpening their crime-solving skills in subjects such as crime scene photography, recovery of human remains, blood evidence analysis, and more.

Our Instructors

Our world-class instructors are hand-selected from the best of the best in the world of forensics and crime scene analysis.


CSI Academy draws its students from all corners of the world of law enforcement. Experts in their own right, they come here to hone their skills and sharpen their minds.


Our Courses

The course of study at CSI Academy of Florida will prepare you to find the answers in the evidence left behind by the perpetrators of unthinkable criminal acts.