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Great Facility-Friendly Staff!!! One of the best learning institutions I have ever attended in my 19 year career.

Detective Tim Adkins - Bay County Sheriffs Office

Introduction to Crime Scene Investigation - I thoroughly enjoyed the course and will be attending future classes. I will also recommend sending new investigators to the CSI Academy.

Shawn Greenspan - Phenix City Alabama Police Department

Introduction to Crime Scene Investigation - Excellent intro class for people with no experience in the field and for professionals who want to learn more.

Ryan Menard - Ocala Police Department

I am signed up for several more classes in the next few months and look forward to returning to the CSI Academy. This has been my favorite classroom experience.

Madelyn Suchecki - Investigator - Clay County Sheriff's Office

An old dog can learn new tricks. I left from this training with new skills under my belt that could apply to my daily duties as a crime scene investigator. These new skills will allow me to be a more more effective & resilient investigator.

Ingrid Lopez - Crime Scene Investigator - Miami Police Department

The Courtroom Testimony course was very entertaining. All the instructors were extremely knowledgable!

Kirslie Garcia - Pasco County Sheriff's Office

As a first time student at the facility, I am blown away by the availability of scenarios to work and gain so much knowledge for real world application. The instructors are very involved and knowledgable and make it very clear they want you to learn and succeed! I am very excited about future classes available and will definitely be returning. Thank you!!

Meghan Dvorack - Investigator, Manatee County Sheriff's Office

Bruce Willis is a wealth of knowledge and the CSI Academy of Florida is lucky to have him instruct! The Fire, Arson & Post Blast Investigation course is a great class!

Cory Chatham - Master Forensic Investigator, Chesterfield County Police Department (Virginia)

Forensic Entomology - A class made to fulfill all your bug loving dreams!

Allura Bennett - Crime Scene Investigator, Sanford Police Department

This is my second class here and each time I am impressed and enjoy it. I will come back for future classes!

Katherine Louis - Investigator, Orange County Sheriff's Office

The Private Investigation class at the CSI Academy of Florida was one of the best decisions I think I have ever made. The instructors are amazing and they have patience and they care. They will not leave you behind. Be looking for me to come and attend more classes.

Kimberly Smith

The instructors are very knowledgable and well versed on how to deliver the training material.

Kevin Thirsk - Nassau County Sheriff's Office

The CSI Academy of Florida was very informative. You can learn different processing techniques. Don't miss out on an opportunity to advance your career!

Teddy Stalnaker - Panama City Police Department

Great instructors and great facility! By the end of the week, my classmates felt like friends!

Kristin Jaroy - Haines City Police Department

As an investigator with limited knowledge of photography, the Crime Scene Photography course gave me a working knowledge of my photo equipment.

Darren Miller - Investigator, Leon County Sheriff's Office

I loved the small class. Even with the different levels of experience, everyone learned something new and different ways to process scenes. I would definitely take more classes with these instructors.

Michelle Sweat-Ciani - Pasco County Sheriff's Office

In my five day Advanced Crime Scene Investigation course, I learned a new technique every single day that would enhance my knowledge or ability to process and analyze crime scenes!!!

Johan Bravo - Investigator, Citrus County Sheriff's Office

I would like to thank you so much. This [Advanced Crime Scene Investigation] course is all that I was asking for when we talk about CSI. Kim and Derek are incredibly awesome, and I loved to be here.

Diego da Costa Andrade - Brazilian Police - Rio de Janeiro

I thank the CSI Academy of Florida for the excellent [Advanced Crime Scene Investigation] course given. Thanks to Kimberly Long and Derek Schmidt for their professionalism in the course. Agradeco a CSI Academy of Florida, pelo excelente curso ministrado. Agradeco a Kinberly Long e Derek Schmidt pelo profissionalismo em minrstra o curso.

Daniel da Silva Rocco - Brazilian Police - Rio de Janeiro Special Forces

Awesome [Human Remains Recovery] class with hands-on, practical lessons that you can bring back to your department and use. Dr. Rick Snow is an exceptional instructor.

Marc Maison - Sebastian Police Department

The Alternate Light Source class was one of the most informative and hands-on classes I have ever taken! I walked away with a whole new skill set after 16 hours!

Joe Lopedito - Pinellas County Sheriffs Office

Extremely impressed. I hope to attend future classes!

Gary Winterstein - Clay County Environmental Services

The CSI Academy is an awesome resource for anyone in forensics - providing an advanced level of instruction to today's forensic professionals!

Joe Lopedito - Pinellas County Sheriffs Office

Great instruction, knowledgeable instructors, and inclusive hands-on activities! [Superglue Workshop]

Faith Heath

The course material is designed to enhance the knowledge and skills of student learners, as well as make more experienced detectives. The instructors have an outstanding knowledge base and make learning fun. The facility has excellent mock scene that make for great hands-on, interactive exercises.

Detective - Jacksonville Sheriff's Office

I feel so much more confident in my skills for crime scene investigation. I now can go to my interview with an agency with full confidence. [Introduction to Crime Scene Investigation]

Gabrielle Harripersad - Florida International Univeristy

Prior to coming to the CSI Academy, I had a basic knowledge of crime scene investigations. This Introduction to Crime Scene Investigation class helped to enhance my skills and gave me other ideas and processes to use.

Jeff Webster - Jacksonville Sheriff's Office

Great, basic course to introduce fundamentals and apply them in practical settings! [Introduction to Crime Scene Investigation]

Brett Pfortmiller - Jacksonville Sheriff's Office

I really enjoyed the Introduction to Crime Scene Investigation class. By it being a hands-on course, I feel I learned a lot more. The facility and instructors are top notch!

Shauna Wash - Clay County Sheriff's Office

This course lays the foundation for the building blocks of the techniques in crime scene investigation. I would advise any student looking to go into this field to take the Introduction to Crime Scene Investigation course, as well as anyone just starting out in a CSI career.

Elliot Walker - Georgia State University

The Introduction to Crime Scene Investigation course was great! I loved that every member of the staff was willing to help at ALL times. There was never a time that I felt uncomfortable about asking a question or talking to the staff. Thank you, CSI Academy. I plan to take more classes in the future.

Raven Timmons

After being an intern at the CSI Academy, I had to take a course that would help me develop further knowledge of crime scene investigation and taking the Introduction to CSI course was the way to go. I learned a massive amount and will be coming for more. LOVED the hands-on activities - they help very much. I will definitely be back for more.

Gisenia Correa - University of Florida

This Introduction to Crime Scene Investigation class was everything I expected, and more! So many great tips and tricks were provided to make a novice in this field, like me, feel at ease when performing the many tasks associated with processing a crime scene.

Justin Spillman - Marion County Sheriff's Office

As a student who has absolutely no experience or hands-on with photography or processing a crime scene, this course opened up my mind and passion to the future CSI that I am aiming to become. I would love for the CSI Academy to do some training courses down South since the drive is long from Miami. Other than that, I am ready to attend more training courses. You guys are the best! Thanks again!

Alexandra Lemus - Florida International Univeristy

The Introduction to Crime Scene Investigation course is an excellent way for those who are new to the field to get hands-on experience. It was also very useful for experienced individuals to brush up on the basics. The instructors are very knowledgeable and helpful. I had a great time!

Elise Gerard - Escambia County Sheriff's Office

Highly recommended for anyone like myself. I have taken many classes before, but I have always wanted to have a class where it would be hands-on. At the CSI Academy, you will find that and more. The instructors made sure that we understood every little bit of detail.

Yessi Caceres

This is a great school with great instructors. I've learned a lot from this [Introduction to Crime Scene Investigation] course. I had lots of fun learning different things through the hands-on application, and it also gave me the real feeling of what to expect in the field.

Sadel Joseph

The CSI Academy is a great setting to not only obtain the knowledge to do the job, but actually receive hands-on training to complete the job.

Roger Pare - Alachua County Sheriff's Office

A great experience for anyone that is interested in crime scene investigation. I'm ready to come back for another class. The instructors are very engaging.

Leiane Cowart - Panama City Police Department

The Introduction to Crime Scene Investigation course was my second course at the CSI Academy. Both have been challenging and very informative. The instructors have been excellent and funny, and they keep the class interesting.

Mike Pitts - Private Investigator

This [Introduction to Crime Scene Investigation] course gave me priceless experience that allowed me to grow as an investigator.

Emily Spoeri

This [Introduction to Crime Scene Investigation] course is very helpful in preparing students for real life scenarios. The practical, hands-on application of the topics taught makes the course even more valuable.

Karen Reynolds - Ocala Police Department

This was my first time attending a class at the CSI Academy. The facility is set up with learning in mind. The instructors are very knowledgeable and experienced. I was really impressed with the hands-on training. Thanks so much!!

Bobby Craven - Bartow High School Criminal Justice Academy

I loved this Private Investigations course. It was interactive and fun, and I can't wait to take more classes at the CSI Academy.

Jared Kennon

Of all the private investigation websites I looked at, the CSI Academy's website was the most informative regarding the application of knowledge needed to get started in a personally desired field. It would be a privilege to be an intern with this instructor, Mike Thompson, as my mentor.

Becky Johnson

I would recommend the CSI Academy for the 40-hour Private Investigations course. The class was well-planned and structured. Instructor Mike Thompson made the class fun.

Mike Pitts

I learned a lot, and I am excited to apply my newfound knowledge in the field!

Brett Pfortmiller - Jacksonville Sheriff's Office

When arriving at the CSI Academy, I had a very limited knowledge of how my camera worked. It was intimidating not knowing the functions. With the instruction given by Kim Long, I now feel confident in using my camera and have the ability to make changes to the camera to take the best pictures possible. Thank you! [Crime Scene Photography]

Jeffrey Webster - Jacksonville Sheriff's Office

I feel that I am better prepared to photograph crime scenes. I know so much more about my camera than what the manual tells me. [Crime Scene Photography]

Shauna Wash - Clay County Sheriff's Office

The CSI Academy of Florida is a great place to learn basic and advanced material. The courses go beyond learning - it's hands-on, which is a game changer!

Roger Pare - Alachua County Sheriff's Office

I would love to attend another class! Crime Scene Photography was hands-on learning and very informational! I am very confident with my camera now. All the information was new, which is what I loved the most. Kim helped us become confident, and she is a great teacher!

Brittney Bishop - Escambia County Sheriff's Office

I came into this course with 30+ years of experience, mostly in patrol operations and training. Now, as a detective, this information really was pertinent to what I do. I walked away with several "golden nuggets" I can use right now in my job.

Boyd Williams - Monroe County Sheriff's Office

Great class and full of very resourceful information. I feel more prepared to process crime scenes with the help of this class. Highly recommend it! [Bloodstain Pattern Analysis/Interviews & Interrogations]

Alioht Valdes Marrero - Key West Police Department

Amazing and fun class. Lots of hands-on experiences made it easier to understand the corresponding text. [Bloodstain Pattern Analysis/Interviews & Interrogations]

Eric Viergutz - Monroe County Sheriff's Office

Fantastic instructors and class! Learned so much this week! [Bugs, Bones, & Botany]


Whether you are interested in forensics or not, TAKE THIS [Bugs, Bones & Botany] COURSE! Great educational experience and totally worth it!

Kylee Soltez - University of Florida

This [Bugs, Bones, & Botany] course was very enriching. The instructors are awesome and packed with skills and knowledge they pass on to you so effortlessly. Loved the class!

Chitra Harris - Wichita Public Schools

I spent a week at the CSI Academy of Florida studying bloodstain pattern analysis and had a phenomenal experience. I feel so much more confident returning to my job in my ability to look at blood spatter. I can't wait to return to continue my education.

Dawn Carlton - Ocoee Police Department

This is the 2nd course I have done here at the CSI Academy, and I will be attending a 3rd. I have found all these courses so interesting and have learned so much. I know I will learn so much more because I intend on coming back. Thank you so much for giving me your knowledge.

Tasia Haag

The instructors are very knowledgeable and willing to answer any relevant questions no matter how silly you think it is. Even if they do not know the answer off the tops of their heads, they will tell you where to find the answer.

Arthur Perez - Guam Police Department

The bloodstain pattern analysis class instructed by Kim Long was amazing! Very hands on! There is a lot of material to cover, but the class length allowed us to learn it all! Most fun I have ever had in a class! I look forward to future classes!

Heather Underhill - Longboat Key Police Department

The instructors are very informative. The [introduction to crime scene investigation] class is hands-on and helpful for people who are in law enforcement or considering CSI.

Shana SaintLouis - Miami Gardens Police Department

Very knowledgeable instructors! [Introduction to crime scene] course is very intense and hands-on! Definitely recommend this course to anyone wanting to learn more about crime scene investigations & more!

Deborah Sticca - Bermuda Reserves Police

The CSI Academy is an awesome operation with highly trained instructors who provide for an interesting time of instruction. With hands-on instruction, you will walk away with a definite grasp of the topic!

Joe Lopedito - Pinellas County Sheriffs Office

Very good information. I have more options available for processing each scene. The hands-on application is a great help!

Susan Pratt - University of Florida Police Department

Worth the time and travel to get here. The [human remains recovery] training was applicable to every day duties and can be used as soon as we get back to work.

Geronimo Jerry Barreras - Las Cruces Police Department

This [human remains recovery] course went beyond my expectations. It was full of adventure, touched on entomological evidence, was "hands, arms, body-into-the-grave"-on experience! Would definitely recommend to ANY investigator needed training on how to properly recover buried remains.

Rachael Fossaceca - Manatee County Sheriffs Office

I've taken a lot of classes in my 18 year career. I learned so much in such little time and had so much fun. Awesome human remains recovery class. Dr. Sutton is an amazing instructor!

Johnnie Bennett - Davie Police Department

This was such a great [human remains recovery] class. All of the class instruction was applicable to what we do on real-life crime scenes. This was the best training I've ever received!!!

Stephanie Carabajal - Las Cruces Police Department

The CSI Academy is an invaluable asset to the development of Forensics and for those who are interested in the field. Thank you for an exceptional experience!

Ally Perkins - Citrus County Sheriffs Office

This [courtroom testimony] class was one of the best I have taken so far. It is very helpful to have professors to teach a class and have knowledge in the career field the student is in. Anyone can be a teacher, but not all can have the on-the-job experience like the professors do here at the CSI Academy. I would encourage others to attend!!

Raiza M. Torres-Ruiz - Sarasota County Sheriffs Office

The CSI Academy has put on a fantastic [courtroom testimony] class. The facility promotes learning in so many fields. I would 100% recommend others to come here for all of their continuing education needs.

Keli Rubin - Sarasota County Sheriffs Office

This was an excellent course that offered tangible experience for courtroom testimony. I would highly recommend this course to other technicians in the field, especially those that are in the beginning of their careers.

Ashley Church - Osceola County Sheriffs Office

I wanted to take the time to thank Debbie and the CSI Academy for providing such an informative class. I was shocked at the operation you have there, and I am excited to take more classes through CSI Academy. I feel more comfortable with my latent abilities after taking Fingerprinting on Difficult Surfaces, and I know that is thanks to the professionalism of CSI Academy, John, and you as well as the rest of your staff!

Joe Lopedito - Pinellas County Sheriffs Office

Fingerprint Processing Difficult Surfaces: John was an amazing instructor! So knowledgable and willing to answer any questions and take suggestions. Will definitely be back! Worth the money and the 4 hour drive!

Daniella DePaolis - Florida Gulf Coast University

Highly recommended! Instructors Long & Watson are very knowledgable and are passionate about what they do!

Alek Morgan - Clay County Sheriffs Office

The Introduction to Crime Scene Investigation course is excellent for individuals getting into the crime scene field!

Restituto Guevara - Guam Police Department

Introduction to Crime Scene Investigation was one of the best classes I have ever been to.

Bob Salter - Alachua Police Department

I signed up for the Introduction to Crime Scene Investigation course and it was great!! I learned a lot and plan to come back to complete more courses & further my education.

Sheri Brothers - Ocala, Florida

My name is Samantha Selden and I graduated from Florida Gulf Coast University in May of 2018. I double majored in Criminal Justice and Forensic Studies. I talked to anyone in the field that could give me advice on how to get into this field. I found out about the FDIAI and joined as a student, however, I still did not have the experience that employers wanted. Through doing more research I came across the CSI Academy and decided to take the Introduction to Crime Scene Investigation to get more training. I absolutely loved the class! Jimmy Watson and Kim Long were amazing at not only explaining everything but also answering any and all questions I had. I then took the Advanced Crime Scene Investigation course to learn more and because I loved the classes. After struggling for months to get the experience and training needed to apply for jobs, I have accepted a position as a Forensic Evidence Technician with Greenville County in South Carolina. I would not have had this opportunity if it weren't for the CSI Academy and all of the staff that helped me prepare for a career in this field. Thank you, Debbie, Kim, and Jimmy and the staff at the CSI Academy!

Samantha Selden - Criminal Justice & Forensic Studies, FGCU

Courtroom Testimony - Excellent training!! Instructors very well versed and experienced!!

Jill Hirsch - Ft. Lauderdale Police Department

Advanced Crime Scene Investigation - It was a sensational experience! I came back to the academy because I feel like I'm at home. I received the additional training to assist with my teachings at Turabo University (Puerto Rico) and training of police officers in Puerto Rico. Thanks Debbie and Kim for your kind help. Always be thinking of you!

Ricardo Castro Plumey - Puerto Rico Police / Turabo University

Animal Crimes - Instructors were very knowledgable and passionate. Good overall class.

Bradley Fox - Alachua County Animal Services

Animal Crimes - I really enjoyed this class and truly loved being able to attend. All the instructors were passionate about the information and teaching. I loved being able to work and conversate with other people from other organizations and jobs. This class made me want to dive into becoming more involved in the subjects spoken and taught about. I am very passionate about hoarding cases and dog fighting. This course was awesome!!!

Desiree Baumann - Lee County Domestic Animal Services

Animal Crimes - I'm so glad I was given the opportunity to attend this training! It was extremely informative and all the presenters were clearly experts in their fields and provided entertaining and insightful lectures!! This would be relevant for all veterinarians to attend (particularly private practice clinics which are often likely presented with cases they don't recognize as "abuse"). It has certainly made me realize that this is an area of veterinarian medicine that I am extremely passionate about and want to be more involved in.

Dr. Sy Woon - Florida State Rep. Humane Society Veterinary Medical Association

Animal Crimes was an incredibly valuable course. Engaging instructors and hands-on scenarios! Exceeded expectations!

Amber Batteiger - American Humane Association

I would recommend the Introduction to Crime Scene Investigation course to anyone interested in crime scene investigation or working in crime scene investigation.

Joshua Samson - Columbia County Sheriffs Office

INTRODUCTION TO CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION COURSE: I would recommend this class to any and every beginner CSI as preparation to investigating actual scenes.

Johanna Carranza, Miami Police Department

The CSI Academy went beyond my expectations. The personal stories told by the instructors related to the material being taught helped get a better understanding on how the information taught is used in the field. Overall, the class was very beneficial and I would recommend taking one of them!


I waited 3 years to be able to attend the CSI Academy of Florida. I refused to give up on what I wanted to do and what I was passionate about. In 2018, I was finally able to attend the academy. I traveled almost 8 hours from NC to get there. It was one experience that I will never forget. Now I have the necessary hands-on training and knowledge to be a credible and accurate CSI. Thank you all (staff) for dedicating your time to teaching people like me.


Being already a crime scene tech at a big police department with heavy crime, it was very nice to come sit in and focus just on improving my skills. It was very interesting, informative and up to date as far as practices go.


CSI Academy has broken the mold, "Can't teach an old dog new tricks". I recommend the Introduction to Crime Scene course for anyone trying to become a better investigator, detective or CSI Investigator. Will be looking at advanced classes.

Billy Townsend - Union County Sheriffs Office

As a death investigator, taking the basic CSI class has given me a better understanding about what is taking place before I am allowed on the scene.

Shannon Byers - Gwinnett County Medical Examiner's Office

Introduction to Crime Scene Investigation: Perfect introduction to crime scene investigations.

Charles Wilkes - Jacksonville Sheriffs Office

The Introduction to Crime Scene Investigation course was very well instructed. The trainers were very interesting to learn from considering their own experiences. Enjoyed the fact that they included plenty of hands-on experience and not just power points.

Marissa Ricknauth - Lake County Sheriffs Office

Trainers covered material well and they are all very well versed on what they were teaching. The basic CSI course opened my eyes and taught me with a better understanding of the subject matter.

Mark Beverland - Mexico Beach Police

The Introduction to Crime Scene Investigation course provides everything you need for introduction to CSI and to enhance your current skills.

Dustin Hammerstad - Jacksonville Sheriffs Offic

Bloodstain Pattern Analysis: This is my first visit and first course at the CSI Academy. Instructor Kimberly Long was outstanding. I hope to attend the Advanced Bloodstain Pattern Analysis course and the Human Remains Recovery course. Thank you for your help and knowledge!!!

Ricardo Castro Plumey - Puerto Rico Police Department

Another great class by the CSI Academy of Florida team. The instructor, presentation and facility are second to none!!

Michael Godwin, Crime Scene Detective - Leon County Sheriffs Office

Basic Bloodstain Pattern Analysis: The skills and knowledge I gained in this course will absolutely help me in analyzing future crime scenes. I don't just see blood, I see patterns that indicate causes and sources of that blood. Thank you for the new skill set and making me a sharper crime scene detective.

Daniel Wilson, Crime Scene Detective - Jacksonville Sheriffs Office

Basic Bloodstain Pattern Analysis: Highly recommended for crime scene investigators, detectives and supervisors. You will get an experience in the training that you can take back with you. You will learn things about blood spatter that will make you more conscious on the next crime scene that you process. Highly recommend Kimberly Long to teach this course. I have been a detective with Homestead Police for 29 years.

Detective Bobby Cabrera - Homestead Police Department

The Introduction to Crime Scene Investigation course is a great class for someone like myself who did not have a lot of experience in this field.

Law Enforcement - Crime Scene Detective / Investigator

For someone new to crime scene, the Introduction to Crime Scene Investigation course was able to touch on most aspects of the job. I was able to take numerous new skills with me from the class.

Law Enforcement - Crime Scene Investigations

I love the CSI Academy of Florida so much. I love how all the instructors are so passionate about their work and transmit this energy to all of the students. I would recommend this place to anyone who wants training within the investigations field. I would love to work everyday with these instructors so they can answer all my questions that I am always having. 100% recommended.

Jeanette Aybar - University of Florida

CSI Academy of Florida exceeded my expectations in every aspect. I have attended numerous courses at different schools over 28 years and the CSI Academy of Florida is one of the top schools if not the top.

T.C. Davis - Baker County Sheriffs Office

Just completed the Crime Scene Photography course at CSIA. Marc Trahan was an excellent instructor and Deb Mongiardo kept everything running smoothly. I was deeply saddened to learn of Det. Trahan's passing. I'm honored to have met him and learned so much from him. He will be missed.

Charles M. Wilkes - Jacksonville (FL) S.O./CSU

Nobody should miss this class. You will be BURIED in information. Trust me, you will DIG the instructors. Missing this class would be a GRAVE mistake.

Tom Sellers - Jacksonville Sheriffs Office

This is the second Human Remains Recovery class that I have attended in my 17 year career. This class was by far the most informative regarding methods to locate, document and recover surface skeletons and buried bodies. The instructors were engaging, knowledgable and interesting. This class is a must for any investigator.

Crime Scene Investigator - Crime Scene Investigations

This is my third time attending and every time I come, I leave with more knowledge. It's an awesome training facility and the trainers are amazing.

Carlos De La Cruz - Miami Police Department

Advanced Photography Course: As always, it was a pleasure attending training at the CSI Academy of Florida. Excellent instructional staff, silky-smooth registration process, and great facilities combined to make this course an exceptional experience. Support has continued beyond the classroom and the instructors have helped me solve more than one real-world challenge after I had left their tutelage. Highly recommended!!

Justin Woodall - Leon County Sheriffs Office Crime Scene Unit

Hello! My name is Jordyn Holzer and I am OFFICIALLY EMPLOYED as a Forensic Crime Scene Technician with the Marion County Sheriff’s Office!!!I have been waiting exactly 1 year 2 months and 17 days to finally be able to say I have a job in my field. My journey to this new beginning in my life is not one that was easy. This past year has been a trying one and I had to learn to take rejection like a champ.On May 7, 2016 I graduated from Valdosta State University with a Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice and a minor in Spanish. I was excited to be done with school and I immediately began applying for jobs in the crime scene field. I moved back home to Atlanta thinking that I could find a job up there in no time. The summer went by and I had nothing but a few rejection letters to show for my efforts.I noticed that Florida had more civilian CSI positions open, so I packed my bags and moved in with my aunt in Port St. Lucie. However, the fall came with no hope of a job. Not even a pumpkin spice latte could cheer me up with the steady flow of rejection letters I was getting.About mid-fall I was FED UP with rejection and started getting really frustrated. I never dreamed that I would be 6 months post grad with no job in sight. I started feeling panicked about what to do, because what I was doing was not working. All of the rejection letters I was getting had the same message: “ thank you for applying to our agency… fluff fluff fluff. Unfortunately, due to your lack of experience in the field you are no longer being considered. We thank you for your interest blah blah blah”.I started thinking on how I could gain experience without having a job (hello HORRIBLE grey area). I started googling CSI training in Georgia and Florida. The CSI Academy of Florida popped up in my search. I called and signed up for the Into to Crime Scene Investigation course at the end of April. I loved the Intro to Crime Scene Investigation course and later attended the Advanced Crime Scene Investigation course at the beginning of May.When I began to state on my applications that I was attending CSI trainings on my own time and dime, I finally started getting some interest letters. I had multiple interviews and even got offered a few jobs. I accepted my job at the Marion County Sheriff’s Office in May and I officially started on July 24th 2017.Not only do I give credit to the CSI Academy for helping me look appealing to agency during the application process, but I give them huge credit for helping me land my job. The courses made me more confident when I was going in to interviews because I had more knowledge and hands on experience in the field.Marc was my instructor for both the Intro and Advanced Crime Scene Investigation courses. He was AMAZING and was the main reason why I went back to take the Advanced course. He used his experience to give us scenarios that applied the material we were learning. The set up of the course was perfect for a hands on learner like me, because we would go over the “text book material” and then do an exercise which played out what we just learned. This allowed me to really understand the methods that were being taught and give me some experience with materials that I desperately needed. Marc is very knowledgeable and was always there to answer the millions of questions I asked with a smile on his face. You can tell he truly loves the CSI world and wants nothing more than to help his students and see us succeed.The CSI Academy was a blessing to me. I met so many people who became very helpful and involved in my job search. I will be forever grateful for Debbie, who is the backbone of the CSI Academy. She recognized my passion and determination for this field and would go above and beyond to help me find places that were hiring.Because of the CSI Academy I am now working at a great agency and doing what I love.

Jordyn Holzer - Marion County Sheriff’s Office

I am just checking in on how every one is doing, and to also give a little update on myself. Since this April I have recently moved from Wilmington Delaware to Hampton Virginia. To accept a position with the Hampton Police Department as a Forensic Specialist Technician Trainee (their title version of being a Crime Scene Investigator). My sergeant actually informed me that one of the main reasons I stood out from the other candidates was because she admired the fact I went out of my own and completed the Introduction to Crime Scene Investigation course at the CSI Academy. She was so intrigue to know more about the experience and everything I learned while attending.I want to truly thank you, Kimberly and Marc for helping me land this position. I am hoping to be able to return to the CSI Academy soon to complete more courses especially the IAI prep course once I get closer to my 1 year here. I am also still planning on eventually moving down to Florida to continue my career path once I get enough experience to be a better candidate.

Deanna Groves - Hampton Police Department as a Forensic Specialist Technician Trainee

I enjoyed the small class size (less than 10) which provides more one on one help. The instructors and staff were very helpful. I will be attending more training here in the future.

Mike Wesley - Bay County Sheriffs Office

The opportunity to perform the activities about which we are learning is invaluable. I love that this is the philosophy of the CSI Academy.

Tawnie Murdock - Venice Police Department

CSI Academy of Florida was a wonderful training experience. I loved how the hands-on exercises were applied and how much one-on-one time there was with the instructor. I feel like I retained more about my camera here then I would have any where else. Thank you CSI Academy!

Mercedys Kroom - West Melbourne Police Department

Money well spent! Educational and fun at the same time. Always remember the best investment is you, so come to the CSI Academy of Florida and you will not regret it! Forensics rule!!!

Sacthell Scully - Criminal Justice/Forensic Science Major

Absolutely loved the Introduction to Crime Scene Investigation course. Great balance of material and hands-on experience. I definitely recommend attending the CSI Academy-student or law enforcement. Great facility & knowledgable instructors!!

Jordyn Holzer - Criminal Justice Major

As soon as I get home I will be registering for my next course at the CSI Academy. Both informative and fun!

Kaimeco Fairfax - Criminal Justice Major

I wish I could do this every day! I want to take all the classes and start a future in Crime Scene Investigations!!!

Erin Sprague - Criminology Major

Excellent classes and very knowledgable instructors; very professional and friendly. Thank you so much for the training. I look forward to more classes in the future. Thank you and God bless!

Garrett Wolfe - Scottsville Kentucky Police Department

Now, I think, I know how to respond to certain questions from attorneys. The Courtroom Testimony class gave me the opportunity to re-evaluate my behavior in the courtroom.

Yelena Karabaza - Coconut Creek Police Department

I highly recommend the Courtroom Testimony course through the CSI Academy of Florida in Gainesville. The institute was nice, the advice was excellent and both Marc Trahan and Robert Rush were very professional and knowledgable. This course will help anyone who has to testify for crime scene investigation. Thank you CSI Academy of Florida for such an amazing experience these past two days!

Theresa Slovacek - Sarasota County Sheriffs Office

Excellent class! Very helpful for preparing for one of the toughest and most nerve-racking parts of the job. Especially great for someone with limited or no prior court experience. Highly recommended!

Christina Potts - Cape Coral Police Department

I highly recommend the courtroom testimony class at the CSI Academy in Gainesville, Florida. Excellent advice and preparation for the courtroom environment; for both newcomers and seasoned CSI's. Very informative and beneficial.

Alison Gugliotta - Sarasota County Sheriffs Office

Courtroom Testimony was an excellent and informative class. I received the best court testimony training that I have received in my entire career as a crime scene investigator. I would highly recommend to all future, beginning or seasoned forensic personnel.

Keena Vaughn - Coconut Creek Police Department

Whether you are going into this line of work, or just want to learn more about the process of CSI, the Introduction to Crime Scene Investigation course provided an excellent baseline understanding of many of the procedures involved in collecting evidence. It even allows for everyone to use a hands-on learning experience with tools of the trade.

Stephanie Howick - Jacksonville Sheriffs Office

I started this course with no prior experience in this field. Now that I've gone through the class (Introduction to Crime Scene Investigation), I feel more confident in the information & knowledge that I came here to study. So happy that I was given the opportunity to take this class even though I am just a civilian with a thirst for knowledge and looking for direction in my own life. Overall a wonderful experience and I highly recommend this class and the academy. Thank you!!

Emilie Bush

I loved the instructors and how they all had different styles of teaching. I was able to view the material from various aspects.

Tanya Hepler

The Introduction to Crime Scene Investigation was a very informative course. I would advise anyone in the field to take this course.

Jon Garcia - Jacksonville Sheriffs Office

The overall course (Introduction to Crime Scene Investigation) was really good. I loved it and learned a lot!!

Sabrina Sears - Criminal Justice Major

The Introduction to Crime Scene Investigation course was great!!!

Tiffany Ryman - Marion County Sheriffs Office

The field training exercise and courtroom presentation was beneficial for the Introduction to Crime Scene Investigation course especially for those with less experience.

August Bonno - Marion County Sheriffs Office

The CSI Academy of Florida is an excellent facility. Everyone is welcoming and personable. I felt very comfortable attending class and interacting with staff. I would like to attend more classes just to come back to the facility!! Excellent class and learned a lot!

Christy Norkett - Spartanburg South Carolina Police Department

I appreciate the ability of the hands-on labs. It definitely helps put the classroom teachings into perspective. I left the class with a better understanding of the ALS instruments and how to use the camera more confidently.

Susan Pratt - University of Florida Police Department

This is my third time taking a course at the CSI Academy of Florida and as usual the instruction is on point. Marc is an excellent instructor and is very prepared to teach. The handouts are very helpful and match the instruction properly. I will recommend this training facility to all who are interested in crime scene investigation.

Michael Godwin - Leon County Sheriffs Office

Marc Trahan was an excellent instructor & Deb Mongiardo kept everything running smoothly. The 1-Day Attorney Course was very helpful to attorneys wanting to know what to look for in their cases or for anyone wanting to be "Dexter"for the day. Great class!!! Thank you for the opportunity!

Joan Larrick - Attorney

The instruction that I received from Marc and Kim in the Bloodstain Patterns on Fabrics and Clothing course was exceptional! The training was very hands-on and both Marc and Kim were always there if I had any questions. They never hesitated to go above and beyond what was asked and to show you exactly the steps that need to be taken. I learned so much from the class and it made me feel very confident in identifying, testing, photographing, and properly packaging both wet and dry evidence. The instructors made learning enjoyable and I will definitely be back again! Thank you Marc and Kim!

Barbra Williams


Roberto Cabrera - Homestead Police Department

I feel this course truly gives you an overview of crime scene work and provides you skills needed to work in this environment. The instructors are very friendly and knowledgeable in this field.

Bek Parker - Baker County Sheriff's Office

ALS course was an outstanding class. I would encourage anyone looking to expand their knowledge in the use of ALS to attend this training. The instructors did an awesome job explaining the material and providing the right amount of time for hands on.

John McCain - Mattoon Police Department

Training is good, very much information in techniques forensics.

Ortiz-Caicedo - HOC Forensics

Camp CSI was the most amazing experience and I learned so much from all of the instructors. I wish this camp lasted much longer than one week but I cannot wait to do it again next year!

Ciara Keough

I attended the one week "Intro to Crime Scene Investigation" training on 4/11/2016. This was very very great training for me. CSI Academy of Florida is a very nice place to learn and also the instructors are very good. They really know what they are doing at the CSI Academy of Florida. I am Haitian=Je suis Haitien = Mwen se Ayisyen.

JeanLouis Estimable

One Day Latent Print Class: This is my first training course with the CSI Academy. I have attended many Law Enforcement courses throughout my career. I was pleasantly surprised on how thorough the course material and practical training that was provided. I would recommend this course and training facility.

Donald Smith - Wildwood Police Department

This institution is one of the best, I just attended the Crime Scene Photography class and it has to be one of the best trainings I have ever been to. I will definitely be going back.

Jennifer Hoffkins - West Melbourne Police Department

Excellent training! Instructors are very knowledgeable and patient. Program has hands-on training allowing students to get a "real life " experience.

Giuliana Coburn

This facility was wonderful in offering a myriad of ways to practice the skills that we learned in class. I will definitely be coming back for more high quality training.

Luke Smith - Winter Garden Police Department

This was my first course through the CSI Academy. My expectations for the class were to be able to operate my camera manually as well as take great photographs under low light conditions. I was very surprised at how fast I grasped the material and I am sure I will return for another class. Thank you!

Nicholas Juliano - New Port Richey Police Department

If your studying CSI or Law Enforcement this is the class to get hands on training. Going through an actual setup of the crime and interrogation as well as the witness stand was so helpful for my areas of study. I learned more than what my expectations were coming into the class.

Thomasine Motlow

The instructors are a bunch of highly qualified and experienced individuals. They are very knowledgable and know exactly what they are talking about. They are also excellent teachers and were able to answer any doubts or questions that I had during the course. I learned so much in a week and the class will definitely help me along my desired career path of being a crime scene investigator. I highly recommend this facility for all law enforcement and for civilians entering into the field of crime scene investigation.

Richard Perez - Criminal Justice Major University of Florida

Excellent course and staff! Staff helps to ensure you leave the facility well informed on a variety of CSI subjects. An enjoyable experience.

Justin Van Schoonhoven - Sumter County Sheriffs Office

I wasn't sure what to expect as this was my first class at CSI Academy. I really enjoyed the class. There were several labs that allowed you to test each portion of instruction and see how it actually worked and came together to see the finished outcome. I didn't understand the "why's" until taking this class! The hands on is extremely helpful! Seeing it demonstrated and having someone there to walk you through the process....GREAT!!!

Susan Pratt - University of Florida Police Department

Enjoyed the class! I walked away with a much better understanding of the "mechanics" and terminology associated with blood spatter.

Stan Hinson - Elmore County Sheriffs Office

I looked up the school online and was unsure because it was unknown to anyone in our department. We travelled a long way and were surprised by the learning experience. It exceeded my expectations. The hands on labs were fun, interesting and I am leaving with much more knowledge of blood and the dynamics of blood pattern analysis. I am hoping to come back and I will encourage others from my area to come. Worth the 7 hours of traveling time!!!

James Talley - Elmore County Sheriffs Office

CSI Academy is a great place for training. The instructors are knowledgable and as a student you are not sharing a building with other people. I have taken a couple of courses here and love the staff and instructors. I cannot wait to take another course at the CSI Academy.

Gail Hamilton - Jacksonville Sheriffs Office

Thank you for your dedication to the improvement of CSI techniques. Even with some advanced knowledge of the camera, I still learned some very useful tips for improving my scene photos.

Matthew Sirmons - Jacksonville Sheriffs Office

The crime scene photography course was a good introduction into forensic photography with good depth into related fields. The facility is made up of useful practical areas to include designated rooms made into crime scenes. I left the training with more knowledge to use in the forensic field.

Thomas Sellers - Jacksonville Sheriffs Office

I left the crime scene photography class feeling as though I learned a lot. I feel all of what I have learned are things that I can apply on a regular basis to improve the way I photograph scenes.

Law Enforcement Official

Being in law enforcement as a sworn officer, the ability to provide already established crime scenes for each exercise in realistic settings sets CSI Academy above the rest in my opinion.

Deputy William Rappleyea - Crime Scene, Sumter County Sheriffs Office

Awesome staff!!! Great training facility!!! I look forward to attending future classes!

Matthew Sides - Gainesville Police Department

Great class! Very well organized and had great information. I would recommend.

Jennifer Amponin - Jacksonville Sheriffs Office

I would highly rate the CSI Academy and would recommend it to others in the field.

James Poff - Jacksonville Sheriffs Office

The best training I have been to in a long time, maybe ever. Karen Smith & Kim Long do an excellent job teaching the course as well as helping you understand the training during the labs. I love the fact that the training is hands on. You guys rock!!!

Michael Thacker - Georgetown County Sheriff's Office

Short lectures followed by practical application is by far one of the best practices I've ever seen in a teaching environment! Easy to understand! Practical application was awesome!

Stephanie Grimes - Jacksonville Sheriff's Office

Great Facility-Friendly Staff!!! One of the best learning institutions I have ever attended in my 19 year career.

Detective Tim Adkins - Bay County Sheriffs Office

The instructors are very knowledgable and credible.

Roberto Silvestre - Miami Dade Police Department

I enjoyed my time at CSI Academy. The course was very thorough and informative. Looking forward to coming back for additional courses!

Rene Suarez - Miami Dade Police Department

I just wanted to write you a letter to thank you, the other instructors, and staff for providing me such an invaluable training experience. The program at the CSI Academy is well thought out and put together in a very professional manner. The way that the CSI Academy is set up provided me with an optimal training experience. The lectures and training material were put together in a way that made learning fun and easy. The lab time provided me with a much needed “hands on” experience. The knowledge that you and the other instructors shared with me will be applied to all future crime scenes that I am involved with. You and the other instructors demonstrated professionalism and patience with me as I learned the material, and that was greatly appreciated. I sincerely appreciate everything! Please share my appreciation with the others. I hope to see all of you in the future. “A crime scene will tell you a story, you just have to know how to listen” – Detective Michael Yates

Det. M. Yates

Take this class!!!! Introduction to Crime Scene Investigation is incredibly helpful for those considering crime scene investigation work or for anyone currently involved in the field!

Melissa Millard - University of Florida Police Department

The CSI Academy of Florida has provided the best introduction to crime scene investigations through the abundance of knowledge, passion, and experience of all instructors. I look forward to coming back for future courses!!!

Lauren Nabut - Miami Police Department

The best school I have ever attended. I will definitely have my department send me back here for training.

Tayler Brunt

Take the Introduction to Crime Scene Investigation class!! You will not be disappointed. There are so many techniques and so much information that you can learn. Karen Smith is awesome!!!!

Marcus Beckham - University of Florida Police Department

The Introduction to Crime Scene Investigation course was very interesting and informative. I enjoyed all of the practical exercises as well as the field training exercises. The instructors were knowledgable and made the course fun. I would definitely attend another course at the CSI Academy.

Brittney Parchman - Royal Cayman Islands Police Department

I just finished the 40-hour CSI Basic Course last week. It is one of the best experiences of my life, and that’s not an overstatement. After spending a major part of my life in law enforcement, I can truly say that I believe that CSI Academy will be one of the best things that has happened for the criminal justice community. All too often, shoddy forensics becomes a nightmare for attorneys, and sends – or keeps – innocent people behind bars. I was glad to be a part of the premier class. Thanks to those of you who envisioned this journey – those who stayed the course to get it off the ground and who now breathe life into it. The caliber of people you are and have chosen to be a part of CSI is nothing less than remarkable. I am a strong supporter and now an alumni of this great accomplishment. And I believe this is just the beginning.

Francis Hunter - Private Investigator

I am lucky to say that I have been to the CSI Academy of Florida twice. The first was the 40 hour Intro to Crime Scene Investigation class that I took before I graduated college so I would get a little experience as to what I could be doing in the field. I currently use all of the techniques they taught me in my current job. I recommended the CSI Academy to my department as a place to get some great training in the forensic science field. When I finally got approved for the Bloodstain Pattern Analysis class, I could not have been happier! I was afraid that BPA would go over my head and I would never understand the differences between certain types of stains; however, Karen Smith made everything simple. SERIOUSLY! In five short days, I was able to sequence, name, and document bloodstains. I was shocked. Karen made everything easy to understand. Allowing the students to see for themselves how a stain can be made, made understanding the types of stains easier. The CSI Academy is by far one of the best places for training! Their hands on approach to learning helps a lot when it comes to understanding forensic concepts that you think is too hard to understand. The facility is big with different rooms to learn and you are not restricted to certain areas or limited to learning as you would be if you were to take a training class at a department. The instructors have had enough experience in the crime scene field to teach you tips and tricks to making sense of chaotic scenes. I have not only learned so much from the classes, but I have learned from the instructors as well. They really know what it is like in the field and will help answer any questions you have. The instructors are patient and are always willing to help you understand. Thank you, CSI Academy, once again for helping those who want to learn and understand more about crime scene! You guys are amazing and I look forward to hopefully attending another class with you all!!

Christina P. - Crime Scene Technician, Davie P.D.

The CSI Academy is hands down the best school I have ever been to. I will no doubt return as much as I can. I will forgo other schools I have attended even if it means traveling farther.

Kristin Usherwood - Evidence Technician, Harrison County Sheriff's Office

There is no better way to learn than to actually do what you are learning with the hands on approach and the CSI Academy provides just that type of training. The instructors are all top quality experienced and skilled professionals that make the learning experience so enjoyable. Every part of the school is designed and set up to provide the most realistic scenario based way to sharpen and enhance your skills. The entire staff are dedicated to this program and to making it better, it is a marvelous concept and I encourage anyone that desires to make a career in this field to seriously consider attending their program here. My personal thanks to all the instructors of my class they were all equally awesome in my opinion.

William Urbanowski - CSI/Evidence Unit Groveland P.D.

The Introduction to Crime Scene Investigation class was fantastic. The teachers were extremely knowledgeable and experienced. They showed us how to avoid making common errors at a crime scene, and passed along numerous helpful tips on everything from lifting latent prints from difficult surfaces to surviving cross-examination in a courtroom. I can not recommend this course highly enough.

Dana Willhoit - Former EMT, Author

The CSI Academy is a great place for anyone in forensic science or in law enforcement to come and learn the best ways to process a crime scene. The CSI Academy has a lot of space for practicing with different types of scenes and have many instructors with lots of field experience. Great hands on training!!

Paul Stockdell - University of Florida Forensic Science Grad Student

The CSI Academy provides invaluable instruction and experience. Karen Smith has a wealth of knowledge and is eager to share it with students of any background and level of training. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in the field of forensic science.

Tashiana Rothrock - University of Florida Forensic Science Grad Student

This was an awesome experience. Very knowledgeable staff and super helpful….even in the dreaded courtroom.

Loriann Hunter - Alachua Police Department

Extraordinary care is taken to ensure a very realistic and authentic environment. I am certain that without your course I would have been a wreck, or at least half a wreck!

- Retired (NYPD) and founder of Forensics 4 Real, Inc.

An amazing facility with a very professional and welcoming staff.

Yenny Castro - Altamonte Springs Police Department

If you want to learn Crime Scene Investigation (CSI), this is the place to be. From the first day i walked into the academy I felt the professionalism and the friendly atmosphere. Couldn't be better and couldn't get much closer to the reality. It was like a real CSI!!! I had the best time, best experience in this academy and i have learned a lot in a week time.The instructors are very knowledgeable all coming from an experienced background (also going through interesting cases that once they went through in their jobs making the classes more enjoyable and fun). We first learned in the lectures,then we applied what we learned ,I should say best way to learn!!. The practices we had done in the classes were really like real scenes. I was amazed by the setup of the crime scenes . I really did feel like we were solving a real crime scene scenario and learned the importance to work in a scene as a team . I have learned a lot and enjoyed the course a lot with no doubt. Its worth the time, worth the money!! . I definitely recommend this course to anybody who is in this field/would like to get into the field and would like to expand the knowledge and get hand on experience. I attended the course from North Cyprus and I would definitely attend again for a different program in future time.

Eldem Albayrak - North Cyprus, Turkey: UF Forensic Science Graduate

As the newest, least experienced member of the Crime Scene Unit, I was excited and eager to take full advantage of this opportunity. I was contacted by my immediate supervisor, Sergeant Todd Schimelfanick, in reference to an upcoming Crime Scene training class in Gainesville, Florida. As the newest, least-experienced member of the Crime Scene Unit, I was excited and eager to take full advantage of this opportunity. Upon entering the building I was greeted by instructors who exhibited professional hospitality throughout the entire academy. The day began with a good breakfast, drinks, desserts, and, later, lunch, all provided by CSI Academy. The majority of the course time is spent on hands-on practical training applications. Chief instructors are comprised of veteran and retired law enforcement supervisors. There is also a board-certified civil and criminal attorney on site, who instructs court room presentation, and plays the role of legal counsel for the accused in interview and interrogations techniques. All instructors presented their respective block of instruction in a clear, professional, and informative manner. All course agendas were conducted promptly, and lunch was provided on time, every day. Instructors did not isolate themselves from students, and were always readily available to answer any questions one might have. In my personal opinion, this is best instructors/student relationship, and, overall, the best training I have experienced in my 13 years of law enforcement. Courses available from CSI Academy are taken by a wide variety of public service personnel. My class consisted of a diverse group of students, from community service aides to police chiefs and special agents from around the country. I highly recommend and encourage members of our sheriff’s office to take full advantage of this outstanding training facility.

Detective Doug Cruz

The 40 hour basic crime scene course was one of the best experiences I've had. The teachers are amazing; they go the extra step to make sure you fully understand the material and the hands on exercises. I would recommend this course to anyone that wants to become a crime scene investigator. This is also a must take course for any private investigator that handles criminal defense cases. I will definitely be back to take other courses in the near future.

Ana Lanuza (President, Florida Association of Private Investigators) - Leverage Investigations, Inc.

The CSI Academy's hands-on approach to teaching brings the lesson to life. I took the 40-hour basic crime scene investigation course and it was one of the best learning experiences I've had. The knowledge I've gained has given me the confidence to properly secure and process any scene I get called to.

Detective Jesse S. - Alachua Police Department

One of the best training classes I have ever been to in my almost 18 years of law enforcement. Actually, it was the best!! Karen and Kim are excellent instructors and were able to explain difficult concepts in a manner that was easy to grasp.

Noelle Dunn - Jacksonville Sheriffs Offiice