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Camp CSI

Students will learn from certified crime scene investigators with hands on experience about criminal investigations.

They will receive an insightful introduction into realistic simulated crime scenes.

Lifting fingerprints
Human remains recovery
Blood spatter analysis

Crime scene photography
Alternate light sources
A female forensic expert finds fingerprints on a glass table with a light powder. Crime scene


Students will learn from real crime scene investigators and get hands-on experience with criminal investigations. Students will be in and out of crime scenes throughout the week learning how to lift prints from all types of surfaces, how to do casting impressions of footprints and/or tire prints, alternate light source applications, crime scene photography, blood spatter analysis, sketching and diagramming of crime scenes, courtroom testimony and more. Camp CSI is structured to highlight the importance of learning how to collaborate in teams all while building one’s own knowledge foundation and confidence through their own individual efforts while working on realistic simulated crime scenes.

**Exceptions to the age restriction may be made depending on the maturity level of the student(s) and enrollment in special school programs (ex. STEM or magnet programs).  Please contact for more information on possible exceptions.

Camp Dates


March 21-25  Spring Break
June 6-10 Summer Camp
July 25-29 Summer Camp
August 1-5 Summer Camp
December 17 -19 Camp $355

Pricing / Fees

$500 for the week includes tuition and materials
(lodging, transportation, and meals will not be provided)

Camp Location

CSI Academy of Florida
12787 NW US Highway 441
Alachua FL 32615

Additional information

Students are expected to arrive every morning by 8:45am and picked up by 4:00pm.

Students will also be expected to provide their own lunch each day.