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2-Day Courses

Jump right into the action

Stay behind the scenes by conducting a thorough investigation, or jump right into the action by participating in a mock crime scene.

Alternate Light Source Applications

This course is designed to introduce students to the use of visible light spectrum in order to enhance organic and inorganic substances that may otherwise be overlooked in criminal investigations.

Anatomy of Investigation

Students will learn about the structure and working parts related to the conduct of an investigation, whether criminal or civil in nature.

Background Investigations

This course will enable investigators to uncover more about an applicant’s past.

Ballistics Evidence and Shooting Reconstruction

This course teaches students to identify important ballistic evidence and reconstruct shooting incidents for documentation.

Courtroom Testimony

This course will teach the basic rules for the introduction of crime scene evidence in a courtroom.

Crime Scene Documentation

The Documentation of Crime Scenes course teaches students the proper way to identify, document, collect, preserve, and analyze important evidence.

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