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40-Hour Courses

Week long courses for all skill levels

Whether you’re new to crime scene investigation or a seasoned pro, you will find the perfect course for you in our comprehensive selection of 40-hour classes.

With a prominent focus on hands-on learning, learn how to evaluate the evidence, understand the patterns, reconstruct an incident, and much more.

Specialty Courses
Advanced Bloodstain Pattern Analysis

This advanced course will allow students to expand their knowledge and skills concerning blood stain analysis.

Advanced Crime Scene Investigation

This advanced course builds on the introductory class by going in depth on complicated crime scene procedures.

Advanced Crime Scene Photography

This course serves as an in-depth study of crime scene photography and its components.

Bloodstain Pattern Analysis

This course will teach students the uses and limitations of bloodstain patterns as they relate to violent crime analysis.

Bugs, Bones, and Botany

This course, taught in partnership with the University of Florida, will allow each student to participate in the search, excavation, and recovery of entomological, botanical, and anthropological evidence from a staged “crime scene.”

Crime Scene Photography

This course introduces students to the components of cameras and the science of crime scene photography.

Fire, Arson, and Post Blast Investigations

This course is designed to teach investigators and officers how to process fire, arson, and explosives at crime scenes.

Human Remains Recovery

This course will describe methods of human remains recovery in outdoor environments including scattered surface skeletal and buried remains.

IAI Crime Scene Certification Prep Course

This course prepares students to pass crime scene certification level examinations and certifications for the IAI.

Introduction to Crime Scene Investigation

This scenario based course will give students a foundation in the principles and practices of crime scene investigations.

Latent Print Processing

This course serves as an introductory class for students looking to learn more about different types of fingerprints.

Medicolegal Death Investigation

This course examines the legal/medical investigation of death.

Private Investigations

This course serves as a comprehensive initiative into investigative matters. It will involve extensive discussion of Florida Statutes that govern the Private Investigator Intern License and will include study and instructional material to help attendees get a comprehensive grasp on investigative matters.

Shooting Incident Reconstruction

This course introduces students to a reconstruction of a shooting using gunshot residual techniques and collective analysis of shooting incidents at crime scenes.

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